Anyone got those 800mg to spare? – 2023

With the launch of newer and more sophisticated games, the need for powerful graphics cards has increased exponentially. But who would have expected gaming enthusiasts to go to such lengths to achieve that perfect gaming experience?\n\nEnter \ »800mg”. This is a term used by gamers on Imgur, the world’s largest image and picture sharing community, as… Read More »

Hmmmmm the Similarity – 2023

As digital technology continues to progress, so does the face of fandom. What used to be a sole hobby now has its presence across different social platforms in the form of image sharing and comment curation. Gamers across all platforms are now connected through meme sharing and other forms of content, creating an entirely new… Read More »

Does paralyzing palm work on the legal system? – 2023

As the gaming community grows larger around the world, so does their influence on the legal system. Gamers have been known to use initiatives such as “paralyzing palm” to manipulate legal outcomes in certain games. This technique involves circulating images and memes of people associated with relevant court cases on the websites imgur and Reddit… Read More »

Toxic 9 year olds – 2023

The internet has opened up a virtual world of gaming for 9 year olds – but the dark side of this can be toxic. With online games like IMGUR comes content that is inappropriate, and 9 year olds are exposed to memes, videos, images and posts that can warp their sense of morality. This immaturity… Read More »

its true – 2023

It’s true that gamers have embraced technologies like imgur to post memes, funny picture, and images of their gaming experiences. While these image- or text-based media may seem silly to some, they actually provide an important look into the culture of gaming and how gamers share information. Additionally, using imgur enables gamers to connect with… Read More »

Elden Ring reviews are in… – 2023

After years of waiting, gamers around the world can finally get their hands on the eagerly awaited review copies of Elden Ring. As each day passes, more and more reviews are being released, giving us insight into this highly anticipated game. Gamers everywhere are already trying to decide if it lives up to the hype.… Read More »