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Bro.. – 2023

Bro, the premier gaming community, is all about interaction and creating an environment for gamers to connect. Many members use Imgur to post and share screenshots from their favorite games with the community. Whether it’s an impressive win or a funny game moment, the images display a kind of camaraderie between gamers that words can’t… Read More »

Don’t do it – 2023

Is playing a game ever a bad idea? It certainly seems like it when it comes to gaming and imgur, two popular activities on the internet. With the rise of memes, gamers are spending more and more time on imgur, posting pictures to show off their gaming skills or just for fun. But what many… Read More »

Toxic 9 year olds – 2023

While the internet can be a powerful and beneficial tool, it is not without its hazards. Especially with the rise of social media use by children as young as 9 years old, certain aspects of the internet can lead to dangerous situations. One such phenomenon that has recently garnered attention is that of toxic nine… Read More »

Nice acquisition – 2023

Imgur has made a strategic move, strengthening its presence in the gaming industry with its recent acquisition of Nice. With this acquisition, Imgur will become an even more active player in the world of games.\n\nNice is a platform for gamers to find and share images, pictures, and memes from their favorite games. It will be… Read More »

He thinks he’s a ghost – 2023

Have you ever seen someone who says they’re a ghost? Well, that is what gamers have been encountering on Imgur. Gamers are sharing pictures and memes of people who believes they are ghosts in the game. As bizarre as it might sound, this trend amongst gamers is gaining traction and more popular. With this trend… Read More »

Elden Ring reviews are in… – 2023

After months of anticipation, Elden Ring reviews are finally in – and gamers around the world are eagerly awaiting what the verdict will be. From images of magical creatures and detailed landscapes to a mythical soundtrack and engaging combat system, Elden Ring looks set to be an experience for all types of players. And with… Read More »

It’s all marketing – 2023

It’s no longer just about the game’s graphics or competitive action – marketing is a huge part of video games. In an age where gamers span different types of platforms, from consoles to mobile phones and PCs, it’s essential that developers leverage various methods to promote their product. One such method is using imgur, a… Read More »

It has issues yeah but it’s still enjoyable to me. – 2023

Gaming is something that has kept us entertained, engaged and connected for years. Video games from the golden age of arcades through the transition toconsole and later PC gaming, ultimately to mobile games available online today. With the rise of imgur and other image sharing sites, it is now easier than ever for gamers to… Read More »

Could you dive to the bottom of dirty, deciese infested canal and get my supplies? – 2023

With the advancements of modern technology, online gaming has evolved beyond its traditional boundaries. From the era of Adventure for Atari, to the age of graphics-intensive PC games such as Overwatch and Counter-Strike, gamers have been pushed to explore new depths of gameplay and challenge themselves in situations that were once considered unimaginable.\n\nBut what if… Read More »