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Cicero Weston Chandler – 2023

Cicero Weston Chandler is best known as an internet celebrity and influencer in the gaming industry. Born in 1997, he started his gaming journey developing video games with his friends. From creating a small group on imgur that shared gaming images and memes to hosting large online game tournaments, Cicero quickly became a protagonist in… Read More »

Video: Battlefield 2042 – 2023

Video games have been a major source of entertainment and recreation for millions of gamers around the world. Recently, the much-awaited game ‘Battlefield 2042’ has become a talking point in many gaming circles on Imgur, with its stunning images and complex gameplay. Gamers have become obsessed with creating memes based on pictures taken from the… Read More »

Chess is the king of games – 2023

Chess is the king of games. It has a long-standing history and it has captivated gamers and strategists alike. There are a number of reasons why this game is so widely loved, from its strategic thinking and complicated rules to its alluring visuals. Its digital presence on platforms such as imgur also attracts many curious… Read More »

Video: I hate Margit’s long stick. – 2023

Video games are notorious for their quirky humor, and the funny ‘I hate Margit’s long stick’ meme isn’t an exception. This image was first popularized on the imgur in April 2016, quickly becoming a favorite of gamers worldwide. The origin of the image comes from a comic panel featuring a Peter-like character with a needle-like… Read More »

Bosses are rough – 2023

Working for a tough boss is a situation that many employees find themselves in. But, it doesn’t necessarily need to be an unpleasant experience. Gamers, who are well-known for their strong team spirit and coping under pressure, have developed an interesting way of relating to their challenging bosses – by using humorous memes and images.\n\nHumor… Read More »

Before Breath of the Weeb, there was Bonkai Impact – 2023

Before Breath of the Wild became a hit among gamers, there was Bonkai Impact—a game that has been iconic in its own right. Bonkai Impact has found its way to many Imgur users’ memories due to its big pictures and moving backgrounds. It also inspired the creation of countless memes and images which still remain… Read More »

Good ol’ days when we had no idea how to play – 2023

Remember the ‘good ol’ days’, when all that mattered was gathering around your friends and spending time playing some classic games together? For those of us who grew up with classic gaming consoles and muscle memory tricks, it can be hard to forget the hours we spent without thinking about the techie stuff. Imgur was… Read More »

Been stewing of this for a while. – 2023

For gamers who have been following the industry for a while, Imgur has become a go-to destination for finding and sharing images, pictures and memes about their favourite games. It’s also become central to many gaming communities: hosting image-based discussion threads, connecting players from around the world and hosting game screenshots and other media.\n\nA gamer… Read More »

Lmao – 2023

LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off) is often seen in online gaming conversations. It’s a way of expressing excitement, amusement, or even happiness about something. Usually associated with the gamer culture, Imgur is one of the most popular sites for people who want to share images and funny pictures related to gaming or any other topic.… Read More »