But it burns – 2023

But it burns

For many gamers, the concept of \ »but it burns\ » is an experience all too familiar. Whether it’s players that have turned to imgur looking for funny memes and game images or cause trouble on their platforms, ‘But it burns’ has become a popular phrase used by gamers around the world. Not only can this phrase be used in comedic contexts to lighten up a game session, but it is also associated with various in-game activities like failing terribly or beating an unbeatable enemy. \n\nThe term ‘but it burns’ has become part of pop culture and a powerful way for gamers to express themselves when they are feeling frustrated and need a way to vent about their gaming experiences. It is no surprise then that the use of this phrase has exploded online, becoming part of gamer dialogue on Twitter, Reddit culture and even inspiring parody videos and artwork.

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