Don’t do it – 2023

Don't do it

Many gamers are tempted to upload screenshots, game clips, and other images from their games to the image-sharing site imgur. While it may seem like a harmless enough way to share your gaming moments with other players, it’s important to remember that even though it may be tempting, “don’t do it!”\n\nWhen you post content from your games on imgur for free, you are essentially giving away copyrighted material and risking legal repercussions. Plus, by sharing images on imgur instead of more secure platforms like Twitch or YouTube, you are putting yourself and your gaming account at risk of being hacked or having your account stolen by scammers.\n\nMore importantly, when you post game content on imgur instead of reputable gaming platforms – you miss out on the chance to interact with other gamers who can provide entertaining comments and valuable feedback – something that makes a great gaming experience complete!

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