Good ol’ days when we had no idea how to play – 2023

Good ol' days when we had no idea how to play

Remember the ‘good ol’ days’, when all that mattered was gathering around your friends and spending time playing some classic games together? For those of us who grew up with classic gaming consoles and muscle memory tricks, it can be hard to forget the hours we spent without thinking about the techie stuff. Imgur was where most of us shared our game experiences with a few pixels and an image; the games we played often had no instructions, rules or tutorials, simply relying on our creativity.\n\nThe good ol’ days were filled with trial and error as well as much hilarity; through imgur we could share these experiences such as our amazing victories (and failures), memorable moments in games, hilarious memes generated from within them. Now if you view any of these files they remind us to appreciate the simple pleasures of being a gamer without having to learn how something technically works – a welcome reprieve from all things modern!

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