Growing up with no internet starter pack – 2023

Growing up with no internet starter pack

Growing up with no internet starter pack can be a daunting experience for anyone. For many millennials, the existence of the internet was what enabled them to explore gaming as something beyond physical figurines and board games. Without the rich social media aesthetic cultivated by platforms like Imgur, Memes, and Reddit amongst gamers, many people around our age would never have had the same chance to learn about one another’s passion in this unique way. \n\nHaving grown up without any access to these platforms meant that expressing emotions through images or clip art seemed impossible – as was passing time on ‘slow days’ playing online games with friends. Online gaming communities also taught us vital lessons that we would have otherwise not been exposed to or taken for granted in our peer-pressure filled adolescent years. \n\nBy taking a step back from being ‘plugged-in’ all of the time, it is possible to gain perspective on how much more convenient life has become since pre-internet

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